Mission: Cambodia (AFFECTIONATELY KNOWN AS MISHCAM) is not your average tour trip.

the trips are not run by a business of travel company. The trips are run by the Cambodian Kids Foundation, a not for profit, non religious & non political registered NGO.

They are trips for people wanting to experience the 'real' Cambodia, live like a local, see the countryside and help people whilst doing so.




We think it is important that every person be involved in making the world a better place. Sometimes people find it hard to make a difference, we want to make it easier and more accessible - we want to prove that making a difference is not as hard as people think!



As our foundation is a not for profit organisation, everyone works for free. The Australian staff on the Mission: Cambodia trips are working for free, the Khmer staff are paid for their usual jobs but are going above and beyond what their job description states and requires. Why? because we all love this foundation and the 15 projects we run through this foundation. Our foundation has become TOO BIG to just do small fundraising, thousands of people depend on us everyday to open our school doors, to open our medical clinic etc.



We work with over 1000 children on a daily basis, and you would have no idea the progress a lot of these kids make whilst we have visitors over here. They are fast and willing learners and absorb anything that is taught to them - our volunteers make a big difference to these kids and that's what we are all about. Creating opportunities so that the kids we work with benefit greatly.


Our foundation run projects all over Cambodia, so people coming on Mission: Cambodia get to see all over Cambodia. From the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, the slum areas, to the paradise type beaches of Kep, the peaceful rural life in Soksan Village, Kampong Thom to the tourist central Siem Reap & Angkor Wat. This trip offers more than any other Cambodia tour trip is offering. Not only do you get to see and do a lot you also get to volunteer... in our projects, with real kids and real families - and the difference you make to them is REAL! From teaching English, putting on art, music and dance classes - building gardening beds, teaching kindergarten kids, planting trees, building dirt roads, building reading rooms.

If the whole heavy lifting thing isn't for you, then there is so much to do around the village, working with the women, helping out in our health clinic or just having a run around with the kids - it's your trip, so you chose what you want to do and what you don't want to do. In the end we just want this to be an amazing experience for you.

We want you to go away, and it always happens, with a piece of your heart missing.

We want you to leave a little piece of you in Cambodia, and take away a whole lot of amazing experiences!

We want you to take away lifelong friendships with the people and kids, we want you to take away beautiful images and memories of all over Cambodia.

Cambodia is a place with a lot to offer, unfortunately most tourists who come here, stay in one area, drink a lot of cheap alcohol maybe give money to a street kid and then go home. This is NOT Cambodia. Mission: Cambodia trips offer you a chance to see the REAL Cambodia.

You're not a tourist when you come to Cambodia with us, you're a volunteer.
A person making a difference and seeing Cambodia through different eyes.


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