Our purpose is to empower, enable & educate Cambodian communities with
opportunity and a new perspective so they can fundamentally change their own lives.


The Cambodian Kids Foundation is a not for profit organisation and a registered Cambodian NGO. Our foundation aims to educate and empower the people of Cambodia through a number of projects that ensure maximum sustainability and success. In particular, our foundation looks to the future and the creation of a better Cambodia for its people. We believe that in order to change the future for the better we must nurture and empower the youngest generation, the next leaders of Cambodia. We help the people from a grass roots level, ensuring all of our projects are sustainable and headed by the Khmer people with us working closely beside them.


Our foundation’s primary aim is to provide people living in Cambodia with access to education and health care. People often forget what exactly it means to have an education. What it means to have access to educated opinions and experiences. Being educated does not mean being the brightest bulb in the box, it means being able to make educated decisions to improve the life of your family and your children and help pull families in Cambodia out of the horrible poverty cycle many find themselves in, generation after generation. Our foundation is able to provide education through our projects and programs. We are providing education to thousands of Khmer people through our Free Schools, Kindergartens, Health Care Clinics, Women’s Empowerment Groups and more.


There are many issues that need to be corrected for Cambodia to become a better place. There is a general lack of education, poor health and low income. This comes from poor schools, hospitals and infrastructure in general, which in turn is caused by poor government. As you follow the problem up to the highest level, it becomes evident that we need to attack the problem at the source by creating better leaders.

The way we see it, there is only one way to tackle this unique problem. First, we help the locals to raise their children with good values, show them the issues that their country is facing and encourage them to strive to make a difference in their world. Make it clear to them that they are capable of making a change to their own country.

Next we give them all the tools they need to achieve great things. We support our students through school and university until they are able to reach those positions where they can make a big impact.

Whatever they choose to do and wherever they choose to go, they’ll still be doing good things at a community or family level because they believe in the idea that it is everyone’s responsibility to improve our world. And they will have the ability to create a better life for themselves because the education they have earned will have opened up more opportunities.

All we want is for more good people to have more opportunities to do something good.


There are a thousand and one reasons that make CKF stand out from the rest, but they usually come back to one key factor – that everyone involved is a 100% volunteer.

There are plenty of ways that CKF stand out from the rest, but we love to share to one key point of difference – all our board members are 100% volunteer. Why is that significant? It means that none of the decision-makers within our organisation have a vested interest or agenda, except the common love for the people of Cambodia and the desire to make a difference in their lives.

You can trust CKF because all we care about is helping the children. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Sometimes NGOs with a large paid cohort tend to work slowly and create new projects by over-complicating things. The sad truth is, poverty has become an industry, and many of those who are working to end it, are also relying on it as their main source of income.

They might never end poverty because nobody is truly willing to work themselves out of a job.

In late 2019, two of our major sponsors Zinc & The Summit generously donated funds to cover CKF’s first-ever employee. The Marketing & Admin role has provided significant support to our voluntary board and will help drive CKF towards a sustainable future. This role is entirely funded by these sponsors (on top of their usual CKF donations!) meaning that 100% of your donations hit the ground in Cambodia, as they always have and always will.