Help us keep our major projects operational by becoming a sponsor today and help us make a real change for these beautiful children.


CKF has a sponsorship program to help us cover the costs of our projects including our major project, Soksan International School. CKF is responsible for all the operational costs of the school including wages, electricity, school supplies, providing a school bus and driver, security guards, nutritional programs, hygiene programs, sporting programs, swimming programs, music and dance programs and so much more.

We have school sponsorships available at just $50 per month. This is the average cost to CKF to provide a student with free education 5 days a week and full medical care and nutrition. We currently have
approximately 220 students attending Soksan International School.

Our current level of funding caters for around 138 students, and our goal is to reach enough funding for the entire current school capacity of 300  Students.

At CKF we pride ourselves on providing all of our beautiful children in Soksan Village with the same level of care, so we have chosen to focus on school sponsorship rather than child sponsorship. This will ensure that no child ever feels left out or uncared for if they do not have a sponsor. Our hope is to get enough sponsors on board to alleviate the pressure on our funding of the school and
our other projects.

Sponsors receive regular contact through the foundation with updates from the school and the village. They can also follow our Facebook page where we post videos, pictures and updates from individual teachers, children and classes.

We also have project  Sponsorship available, which ranges from $30 – $500 p/m depending on the project.

Sponsorship covers a huge part of our monthly costs and is one of the keys to CKF’s  sustainability into the future. We are hoping to double our sponsorships by the end of the year.