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Return To School post covid-19

We're back.. bigger & better than before!

We were given permission from the local government to reopen our school, all the staff did some really good work to get this done regarding some documents and paperwork that needed to be organised, especially our leadership team in Cambodia.

We will reopen on Tuesday 10th November 2020. This week we have had students in to be placed into new classes, and parents in for an information session on the protocols, and general school updates.

The conditions of opening are obviously that handwashing, temperature and mask wearing is required on entry. Other than that everything else is allowed to operate as normal. However we will ourselves be encouraging the classes to use our outdoor spaces as much as possible.

We will have 245 students starting on Tuesday, this is the total number of previously enrolled students who have re-enrolled after the COVID break. There are some students who studied before COVID, but are not returning (either have left school now or had to get jobs, etc.).

In a week or so, once the returning students have settled, we will also be starting some new students. We have about 50 applications for new students already and are expecting more once we announce which grade levels have space. Teachers will take the first week or so to see how their classes are settling, and ensure that all students are appropriately placed, then after any adjusting we can reassess which classes have space and then we’ll know exactly which new students we can accept. Around 300 students total is what we expect for this term.

Our classes for this year will be:

  • Early Years 1 (EY1)
  • EY2
  • EY3
  • EY4
  • Grade 1  (x3 classes)
  • Grade 2  (x3 classes)
  • Grade 3  (x3 classes)
  • Grade 4  (x1 class)
  • Grade 5  (x1 class)

And we have 9 teachers in total.

We are looking forward to a rewarding end of year for everyone!

As our numbers increase this year it is more important than ever that we increase our number of monthly sponsors!

We are incredibly grateful for our current sponsors, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for staying with us particularly through the trying times that 2020 has thrown our way! 

To ensure our continued ability to offer free education, healthcare and nutrition to these beautiful (and growing number of) children, we are going to need to increase our number of montly sponsors.

Can you help?

It costs CKF $50 per month to offer free education, nutrition and healthcare to 1 child. We currently have 245 children enrolled (and are expecting up to 300) and we currently (as at November 2020) have 103 sponsors. 

If $50 per month is a little out of your budget, you can specify a lower amount, anything you can do to help is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Not in the position to help right now? Perhaps you know someone who might be? Please help us spread the word and help us increase our sponsorship to keep our wonderful school going.

If you can help, please click the button below and become a sponsor today!

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